Celebrate 13th Anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day with Binance!

•Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day with global in-person and online events.
•The celebrations will kick off in Naples, Italy and continue with local pizzeria and pizza van takeovers in 10 countries.
•Participants who share their Binance-themed pizzas or complete tasks on the Binance app have a chance to win rewards.

Binance Celebrates 13th Anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is celebrating the thirteenth anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day – a historic day back in 2010 when 10,000 BTC was used to purchase two pizzas. To honor this monumental day for crypto and its revolution for digital payments, Binance is hosting meet-ups around the world alongside virtual live meet-ups featuring CZ.

Global Events

Events will kick off in Naples, Italy on May 21st where the first 500 attendees can claim free ‘Binance style’ pizza as well as participate in a pizza-making contest for Binance prizes. Other locations include Bahrain, Pakistan, Vietnam Sri Lanka Cambodia Uruguay Mexico Argentina and New Zealand where local pizzerias and pizza vans will be taken over by Binance representatives to celebrate.

Online Celebrations

Participants are invited to join online celebrations by sharing their Binance themed pizzas on social media using #BinancePizza or completing tasks to collect all the pizza flavors on the Binance app; those who do so stand a chance to win an equivalent of a year’s supply of pizza.
The virtual live meet-up hosted by CZ will take place at 12:00 pm UTC on May 22nd and feature discussions about what Bitcoin Pizza Day means for crypto adoption.

Importance of Mass Adoption

Yi He co-founder and chief marketing officer at BInance said “Bitcoin Pizza Day stands as a pivotal milestone for the crypto industry signifying its remarkable exponential growth and paving pathways for widespread adoption of digital payments.” At Biance they believe that mass adoption is important which is why they are hosting these events around the world.


Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrates an important moment in crypto history that has since been remembered every year since it happened thirteen years ago; this year more than ever people from around the world can come together virtually or physically to celebrate this special occasion with activities such as consuming ‘BInance style’ pizza or participating in virtual meet ups with CZ himself!