ARPA Gains 125% This Week: Randcast Launch Fuels Bullish Price Action

• ARPA Network (ARPA) token is seeing massive gains this week due to the announcement of its first application, Randcast.
• Randcast will be a decentralized, verifiable, multi-chain supported RNG that will demonstrate the capacities of the ARPA network and provide high-quality randomness.
• Random number generators are crucial for applications such as security, GameFi, and NFT minting. Amid anticipation for the launch of Randcast, ARPA sees bullish price action this week.

ARPA Network Gains 125% This Week

The token ARPA Network (ARPA) is experiencing massive gains this week due to the upcoming launch of its first application – Randcast. The decentralized secure computation network recently announced that it will introduce a random number generator (RNG) with enhanced features.

What is a Random Number Generator?

A random number generator is a mathematical construct designed to generate a set of numbers with no distinguishable patterns or structure. Commonly used Pseudo RNGs (PRNGs) are not fully random while True RNGs (TRNGs), which rely on physical processes rather than software can produce truly random outputs. The qualities expected from an RNG include being secure, verifiable, cost-effective and reliable.

Uses for Random Number Generators

Random number generators have many uses across different applications including security, GameFi and Non-Fungible Token Minting (NFT). Having a great RNG in these areas is vital for providing high quality output results.

Randcast Launch Anticipation

With anticipation for the launch of Randcast growing amongst the crypto community, ARPA has seen huge growth in prices over the past few days – up from $0.05 on May 20th to $0.112 at time of writing – representing an increase of nearly 125%.


The introduction of Randcast by ARPA Network has sparked excitement amongst investors who see potential in its technology and capabilities which could revolutionize digital infrastructure pieces that are often overlooked but incredibly important when it comes to data security and reliability .